The New Facebook, Embrace It

I’d like to thank a follower of mine @Tiffany_Carroll for this idea. As a college student, who also works full-time, it’s kind of challenging to keep up with everything happening in the world. Sure you have your favorite sites to visit (Mine is so you stay updated that way, which is why the latest Facebook update kind of surprised me. I log in to Facebook at least three times a day, on a slow day. A little heads up from Zuckerberg on the s*** storm the new update would create amongst Facebook users would have been nice.

I tweeted Thursday (A day after the changes were made):

People still complaining about the changes to Facebook, if Facebook changing its layout is your biggest problem then I want your life.

I fully stand by that statement, people are absolutely freaking out about these changes. Look I’m a guy who enjoys social media just like the next, but it’s seriously time to reevaluate your life if you are going crazy about this. I don’t think there has ever been a Facebook update that has been a popular one. Apparently until they add a ‘Dislike button’ there will never be a popular update. I will now explain why these changes aren’t so bad, take this information and pass it along so I don’t delete all my complaining friends.

There have been a number of changes pushed out since last Wednesday, including: the Top Stories stream, an added ticker, a subscribe feature, and of course the new timeline.

Facebook used this example: When you pick up a newspaper all the top stories are on the front page, so they went ahead and put all the top posts and updates at the top of the stream and marked it with an easy-to-see blue corner. Did they just make your stream a popularity contest? I don’t think so, you want to see the posts about your friends getting engaged, buying a new car, or less fortunate events like dropping their phone in a pool of water (I’ve done it, after a few months you’ll look back and laugh). That stuff sells, people don’t care if you’re mad at your boy/girl friend or just broke down on the highway, so leave those posts at the bottom of the stream.

Nearly a decade after the major news networks came out with the news ticker at the bottom of the screen, Facebook jumped on board as well. For all the people saying this new feature will ruin your relationships or break them up, don’t put anything on there you don’t want coming back to haunt you. If you’re in a relationship and on Facebook hitting on another person than that relationship probably isn’t going to last much longer anyway. This ticker is a great idea, it allows you to be instantly updated on your friends. If you really have to have your ‘fix’ this is a great way to get it. I think Facebook had in mind how busy society is so you can get your ‘fix’ from your friends in little to no time.

The subscriber feature seems to me like a spin-off on Twitter. You are already subscribed to your friends, the idea behind it is to subscribe to other people who you might find interesting or want to know a little bit better. Sure it’s probably a great way to creep on others, but if you’re monitoring what you post than this shouldn’t be an issue. Embrace this new feature, after all who wouldn’t like a notification saying Billy Joe is now subscribed to you, they obviously think you’re interesting enough to get every update you post.

The biggest change to be unveiled still hasn’t seen the light of day. I’m of course talking about the new timeline. It seems like Facebook wants to give itself a scrapbook type of feel, which essentially is what the timeline is all about. It shows your every move since you created your profile. The timeline will replace your current wall and profile, only when you opt to make the switch. The timeline will debut for all users on September 30th (Friday). The same privacy options will be available, it will just take some time to go through everything if you live on Facebook. I’ve seen the new timeline and enjoyed it thoroughly. If you spend some time fixing everything it really can add personality to your page.

I’ve always been the person who liked the previous changes made to Facebook, while most complained about them. You’re not going to start a petition, or a fan page to get Facebook to change back. This is a free service we are provided and will only be provided things Facebook wants to see. Facebook is a business, they want to make money. To stay successful you need to be able to change and stay competitive, if they don’t change they will end up like MySpace — outdated with very few users. This outrage is all a moot point anyway, in a couple of weeks everyone will have adjusted to the changes and continued on with their lives. Because what are you going to do, quit Facebook?

*Facebook posted on Sunday that they will never charge a fee to use the site, so ignore all those chain-letter status updates saying you have to pay*

*The postponed J. Cole concert originally scheduled for September 10th was moved to this upcoming Friday at the same venue, the Beacham. My review on the show will be posted following the show. J. Cole’s album, “Cole World,” drops this Tuesday the 27th.*

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