50 Cent is the Street King

50 Cent is making headlines today and I’ll bet you won’t be able to guess how. 50 has announced the launch of his new energy shot called Street King and has set a goal for himself: To feed 1 billion African children in just two-and-a-half years. Here’s 50:

“I’m really serious about it (hunger relief). So far I’ve been able to feed 2.5 million (kids), but I wanna feed a billion. When I said I’d do it in five years, I was being really conservative. I’ll do it a lot faster… I said five years because that’s (the norm) when I create a business plan, but I think I can do it in half that time.”

Thanks to the San Francisco Chronicle for that quote. With every shot sold, a meal will be provided for a child in need. The shot will hit stores nationwide in September and will cost between $2.49 and $2.99. “Street King” will be featured in Orange Mango and Grape flavors. The early demand for this shot has been so overwhelming that it’s already sold out in stores across the country. The high demand for this shot has enabled 50 to cut a check to United Nations officials which will feed 2.5 million kids.

This is a commendable gesture by 50 to be this passionate about feeding these starving kids in Africa. In the new ad for the shot 50 says: “I went on a trip to Africa, and the devastation I witnessed changed me forever. I grew up without money, but I didn’t grow up hungry.”

If you follow 50 on Twitter you know the kind of stuff he says, ranges from responding to girls who say dirty things to giving stock advice. If you look on his Twitter now, it’s filled with Street King this and Street King that. I really do appreciate when artists and celebrities take things into their own hands and do something, get the awareness out. But, is this really 50 trying to help the kids? Or is this a publicity stunt?

I’m one of those types of individuals that can’t help but think there is an ulterior motive to every move made by celebrities and artists. I mean take for instance, in a completely unrelated situation, the Kardashian sisters. They have a clothing line at Sears, at Sears! I can guarantee you that you will never find a Kardashian sister in that store other than to promote that line or collect a check. They don’t care about the store or the clothing line, they’re out for that check.

I have no problem with these celebrities who want to make their money. You have to be able to take advantage of every opportunity when you’re in that business. One day you’re on top of the world, the next you’re the laughing-stock of your profession (See Dane Cook). For once I just want one of these celebrities to come out and be honest with everyone and say, “Okay, I just want to get paid so I’m endorsing Company XYZ.”  But I digress..

Sure the fact that 50 has his name on everything could lead many to believe that this is just another business venture or publicity stunt. As I mentioned above he tweeted stock advice and made $8.7 million. His latest album (Which has little to no buzz), originally set for a Summer 2011 release, has been delayed until 2012 at the earliest due to disagreements at Interscope. His headphone line “Sleek by 50” was terminated, although he is currently working on a new headphone project.

I’m on 50’s side on this. I think this is a great move on his part. So what if he is just doing this particular project for the pub? He’s out there actually putting in the effort and attempting to feed the kids. I think that if there was anything to endorse, to gain publicity for, this idea is it. It’s a win-win situation for everyone, 50 gains some more Wikipedia clicks and starving kids in Africa aren’t starving anymore. More celebrities, artists need to model themselves after 50, let’s take notes on what he’s doing.

Let us know what you think, does 50 actually care or is this another business venture?

More information on Street King, including the store closest to you that carries the shot can be found here.

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