Throwback Tuesday: Nas – “I Can”

(Photo By: Chase Greene)

My first Throwback pick goes to “I Can” by Nas. This song goes all the way back to 2003, also when yours truly was in just 7th grade. Growing up I didn’t color outside the lines of the 90’s rock music scene too often, but when I did it was big. This song was first introduced to me in such an unexpected place — my English class. So as a kid who had only been exposed to pretty much Eminem as far as hip-hip/rap music goes, this was a significant upgrade.

At the time I did appreciate it and I think it helped me start to listen to other artists in the hip-hop community and broaden my music library. I don’t remember why my teacher picked this song to present to the class, but I’m sure it had something to do with the positive message this song sends out that you can be yourself and do whatever you want. So you kids out there seeking advice, let “I Can” spin a couple times and take some notes from Nas yourself.

Nas – “I Can”

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