Hey Soulja Boy: “Let’s Be Real”

(Soulja Boy)

Let me first preface this by saying I have never imagined that I would actually be interested in writing a post about Soulja Boy. When I first decided to start blogging I kind of made an oath to myself and to those reading to be fair, and unbiased. I think so far, so good. On this story, all that went out the window. I really honesty tried looking at this from both sides and couldn’t bring myself to do it. Once this story was brought to my attention in greater detail I just had to jump on it. Soulja Boy is in the headlines these days for his comments in a new track which was released online in which he says, “F— the troops.” This prompted the U.S. Military to ban his music (I have a similar ban in place against him on my iPod). Let’s go back a second, this guy said something so bad, so offensive that the most powerful military in the world decided to ban his music.

Politics and war isn’t my wheelhouse here, but I just couldn’t help to spend part of my Friday night venting a little bit. I took the liberty of listening to this song myself, and the line goes: “F— the FBI and f— all the Army troops, fighting for what? Bitch be your own man.” He claims that his words got the best of him during this track. He has since apologized and said this: “We haven’t been able to bring you all home quick enough and my frustration got the best of me.” Thanks to CBS News for that report. But as I’m reading this report I’m noticing that they’re on his side, “He insists as an artist his words got the best of him and we’re going to believe him on this one,” the article says. Why are we going to believe him on this one? This is coming from a guy, who at the start of this particular video I watched, plugs every social media handle he has (Which gives me reason to believe this is a publicity stunt). This is coming from a guy who brags about having the most songs in the rap game. You might have the most songs in the rap game, but how many are quality songs?

Listen for yourself: “Let’s Be Real”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In light of this track being released, the U.S. Military is seeking to ban his upcoming album, “Respect My Hustle,” should this song make the final cut. The rapper may have just cost himself a place  for his album in over 3,000 stores  that are operated by the military. But don’t worry, the rapper has offered to perform for the soldiers for free. The bottom line is this: many people do not agree with the war, many people will argue that it is unnecessary, that it’s not accomplishing anything for this country. That’s how people feel, you can’t tell them they are wrong, that’s their opinion. No matter what your stance is on the war, you can’t fault the men and women overseas who put their life on the line every day  for this great country we have here. I mean they provide our freedom and at no point in time have I ever heard anyone say: “You know what? I really hate having all this freedom.” It is our freedom which enables us to listen to whatever we want, such as your crap popular music. By popular I mean by what is selling, not always a good argument (See Tha Carter IV sales vs. the quality of the album). We all know people in the service, we all have loved ones serving somewhere in the world. At the end of the day do you think they want to hear some punk kid telling them to go F themselves?

It just so happens that the tenth anniversary of September 11th is Sunday and he is making these kinds of comments. As a fan of music, as a person with a brain, I have to assume everything that is said or done by an artist or celebrity is to gain some sort of publicity. I mean sure who doesn’t want half the country talking about them? It’s very hard for me to believe that he “let his frustration get the best of him” in this particular case. I would hope he has to know such harsh words on a subject so sensitive would gain this much attention, therefore I’m willing to bet this was some kind of marketing scheme. There are so many other avenues in which to get publicity, this wasn’t the appropriate one. Everyone is on edge right now being so close to the anniversary of 9/11 that I really don’t understand his reasoning.

“Man did you hear that new Soulja Boy song? That is a great song!” – No one. No one has ever said that with half a brain. Soulja once said that Nas “Killed hip-hop and his own career.” Nas is a rapper that many consider one of the best of all time, and you, Soulja, are just a blip on the radar. As most people, I’m a big user of Twitter and often find a number of things that are extremely funny. The funniest thing I think I have ever seen was this hash tag and tweet: “#PeopleBetterThanSouljaBoy The dude from the freecreditreport.com commercials.” I’m going to end the bashing here of Soulja Boy, but I’m sorry anyone who calls out the troops and tells them to go F themselves is fair game in my book and I find all of this completely necessary.

On a different matter, I will be attending the J. Cole concert Saturday night (9/10) at the Beacham (Old Tabu) in downtown Orlando and will be posting my review on the show in the following days. Tell me what you thought of the show if you go and I might include it in the review.

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  1. fuck you . soulja boy is the best rapper of all time. #OceanGangOrDrown

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