T.I.: The New DMX?


Fresh off his Wednesday morning release from prison, rapper T.I. is already back in custody. Wait, what? The rapper was released at 7:29am Wednesday morning and already back in custody by Thursday night. My math could be off here, but that’s a total of thirty-six hours of freedom give or take. The first report I saw was by the Associated Press and was posted at 10:36pm Thursday night, so as of post time this story is still developing as they say.

It’s easy to first come to a conclusion that the rapper should be ridiculed and bashed in the media. A very famous celebrity, rapper, entertainer, is released from prison after an eleven month sentence, and is already back in custody.

In the latest incident involving T.I., there was a problem with his use of a luxury bus en route to a halfway house in the ATL. As of posting time, details are few and far between regarding the incident so we don’t know what prompted on this occasion. T.I.’s lawyer has confirmed that the incident is not drug-related. I had a change of heart with this story, at first I wanted to come out and bash T.I. for being an idiot and going back into custody. However, the more I think about it, the more I feel for the guy. Let me be clear here, I only feel bad for him on this particular incident. The prior events with the guns and silencers, the drugs, I don’t have any sympathy for him there. Here you have a guy who has paid his debt to society, serving all together something like 18 months, and he finally gets out and wants to enjoy himself on the 375-mile trip.

As I stated above, we don’t know all the details right now so we don’t know why he got taken back into custody. It obviously had to be something serious enough to be stopped and taken back in. Or was it? Or was this a classic case of the government sniffing too closely and wanted to set an example? It’s very possible that T.I. violated a rule in his probation and trip by having a tour bus filled with his entourage, but what if there is no language that states he can’t have a tour bus?

It’s very possible T.I. done messed up again given his past history, I’m not putting that by him. I wouldn’t be surprised to get a report a couple of days from now saying he had strippers, guns, drugs (Even though his lawyer denied drugs being on the bus), and other illegal things in his possession. It was just so ironic that T.I. did all that community work, had his ‘Road to Redemption’ TV show on MTV about helping kids find the right way, and then he goes and gets popped for drugs and ends up right back in prison. If you’re one of the kids that was helped by T.I., you have to be questioning everything he said. Was it real, from the heart advice? Or was it a publicity stunt to repair his image?

For the sake of the fans, I hope this latest incident doesn’t hold him back too much. We need T.I. back out here making music, I mean we have people out here actually thinking ‘Tha Carter IV’ is good music. I asked the question in the title, Is T.I. the new DMX? I ask that because it seems like every week there’s a new report of DMX getting arrested. He might as well have his own tab on TMZ with all these arrests.

In T.I.’s final letter from jail, he said: “When I touch down, I’m going all the way back to square one, like I’m fresh in the game and never sold a record. Back on some I’M SERIOUS, TRAP MUZIK shit…” I really hope he can hold true to this statement. I think we have to wait until all the details come out before making a decision on how to react to this. If he comes back clean then I think he deserves a Mulligan on this. However, if it comes back he was doing illegal things on this bus then I think we can give T.I. his own tab at the top of TMZ. Bottom line is this: Can he make a strong comeback, drop some good music and make a case to take over the rap game? Or will he pull a Lil Wayne and start the downfall of his career?

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