A Taylored Review: Tha Carter IV Review

(Tha Carter 4 Album Cover)

I went into Tha Carter IV with my doubts, I still laugh every time I hear someone mention he is the best rapper in the game.

I had two main concerns with TC4, the first was the mix tape, “Sorry 4 the Wait,” which was released a little over a month ago. I have only the title track, “Sorry 4 the Wait,” on my iPod, where he goes HAM over one of the hottest songs out (Adele – Rolling in the Deep).

My other concern with TC4 was the song Team Weezy dropped as the third single, How to Love. First of all Wayne, you’re not the first person I think of when I think advice on love. Although with the way the music industry is now days, I am not surprised they picked this song as a single. It’s catchy, and they know it will get time in on pop stations, as well as hip-hop stations.

“How to Love” music video:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If Team Weezy really wanted to get significant time on the radio, they could have just dropped the song featuring Bruno Mars. Anything that guy touches immediately goes to all stations it seems like, case in point: Bad Meets Evil’s “Lighters” has received significant plays on XL.

Tha Carter IV leaked Wednesday night, and like most I jumped on it. I listened to the entire album, front to back. IMO I gave this album a C-. This album still features all the recycled lines we’ve come to love from Wayne: Weezy F baby and the F is for _____; I’m in the building you in the _____. By my count he drops a Young Money-related line at least six times throughout, which I’m starting to find a bit excessive. Yeah we know you’re in YM, get over it. Last thing off my notes, yeah I went high school and took notes down on this, is why does Wayne still have the lighter-click sound on every song. First of all he can’t do it because: A. It’s illegal, and B. He’s on a strict probation for three years, which also includes no alcohol. He needs to get back on drugs somehow because that Lil Wayne produced straight fire.

The Good: I thought 6’7″ is one of the best Lil Wayne tracks to date, even though it did just come out. I thought Nas killed his verse on the Outro. Also how can you not like any Rick Ross grunt? I also have to give credit to Drake, who if you know me, I have directed a lot of hate towards recently. He is only on this album twice, and does a really good job. He kills his verse on the Jay-Z diss song (More on that in a few).

The Bad: As I stated above, the “How to Love” song isn’t fooling anyone here, I could have done without that song. T-Pain is featured on the album, T-Pain is still cool? Take these Internet rumors for face value, because they’re just Internet rumors, it’s rumored that T-Pain will be signing to Young Money in the future. I would have rather had another Drake Rick Ross song.

(Jay Z & Lil Wayne)

The ‘What the **** Was He Thinking?’: “It’s Good,” w/ Jadakiss & Drake AKA the Jay-Z diss song. Let me re-up it for you Geico cavemen out there. Jay-Z dropped this line on HAM (Watch the Throne): “I’m like really half a billi nigga/Really you got baby money/Keep it real with niggas/niggas ain’t got my lady money.” Wayne responds, IMO, in a huge way: ““Talkin ’bout baby money/I got your baby money/Kidnap your bitch, get that ‘how much you love your lady’ money.” You can not compare Weezy to Jay in any way, form, shape, or fashion. The only reasonable explanation for Wayne saying this would be to create a huge buzz, which it already has. That, or Wayne has gone crazy from the lack of drugs in his system.

You can catch Lil Wayne perform at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday August 28th, the VMA Pre-Show begins at 8pm on MTV. His album will be released digitally later that night at midnight on iTunes.

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