Did You Know? Random Music Facts

So I read a lot about music online just about everyday, and come across a lot of different random fact about different artists. So every now and then I’m going to do these, I’m not going to be limited to just music of you know any random music or sports facts send them (w/ a link) to J-Fremont@Hotmail.com I’ll post them and give you credit for sending them to me!

  • So everybody knows Katy Perry’s single “E.T.” (ft. Kanye West), but did you know that the beat was originally made for Three 6 Mafia? In an interview with MTV.com she talked about being in the studio and hearing it by accident and swiping it from Three 6. (Not sure about you, but I’m pretty sure Katy and Kanye did a better job than Three 6 would have done so I’m happy she jacked the beat.
  • DJ Khaled’s new album “We the Best Forever,” is in stores now, and on the album there’s a track titled “Future,” ft. Wale, Ace Hood, Meek Mill, and Big Sean. Did you know that Big Sean’s verse was accidentally placed off beat? A fan tweeted all of the artists on the song and said they killed it. Sean tweeted the fan back, and said that his verse was placed off beat.
  • Back to Katy Perry, she made history back in May when she became the first artist in the over 50 year history of the Hot 100 to spend a whole year in the Top 10 of the chart. She started with “California Girls,” (ft. Snoop Dogg), followed by, “Teenage Dream.” “Fireworks,” and last “E.T,” (ft. Kanye West). Previous record was Ace of Bass with 48 weeks back in 1993-1994. The streak is still going, as “T.G.I.F.,” is currently in the Top 10 on the Hot 100.
  • Everybody knows Bruno Mars’ #1 debut single “Just the Way You Are,” but did you know the single was originally written for Cee-Lo? The song was written by Bruno Mars and his writing partner, collectively known as The Smeezingtons, for Cee-Lo, but Cee-Lo felt as though the song was a better for Bruno and the rest as they say is history. I definitely don’t think this was the type of song I could hear Cee-Lo performing, so I think they made the right decision, but imagine where Bruno’s career would have been without this extremely popular lead single. This could explain why when Tje performed this song on The Voice Cee-Lo said that he heard himself in Tje.
  • Brian McKnight holds the record, 16, for most Grammy nominations without winning one.

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