Jeaniuses Of The Week

(Photo By: Chase Greene)

Alright so the fact that I didn’t get to pick a Jeanius of last week, and the fact that I heard two ridiculous stories that I had to share for this week’s Jeaniuses, sex in a pool and getting fired on your day off are the actions of the Jeaniuses of the Week!

Jeanius #1

Alright for the first Jeanius, we go to Indiana, where a couple decided they were going to have sex in a public pool, in the day time, while people (including kids) were in the pool for over 30 minutes. You can get the full  story here, and if you want to see the mugshots of the “lovely couple” it can be seen here. They would be good enough for Jeanius of the Week, but I am going to go with the group of people who stayed at the pool and watched this go on for 30 minutes. Specifically the woman, who instead of getting the kids away from the pool, decided that she was going to stand in between the kids and the couple to “shield them” from what was going on. Sorry lady I think you were in it for the free show, and therefore you ma’am have been chosen as one of my Jeaniuses of the Week!

Jeanius #2

Alright, I’m sure more people are familiar with this story. I thought people only got fired on their day off in the movies, but I guess it really does happen in real life. Miss Tiffany Denise Allen, a manager at McDonald’s, decided to come into her job on her day off (mistake #1), then she decided to play boss (on her day off) and tell a woman to get out of the “restaurant,” with her children’s, who were autistic, service dog, who was actually allowed to be in the store. The woman thought she left one of her kids in the store and accidentally spilled her drink on the manager who decided to follow the woman outside and punch her in the face. When reporters went to speak with people at the McDonald’s they were told, “Tiffany Denise Allen no longer works here,” Tiffany Denise Allen, congratulations you are our other Jeanius of the Week!You can check out the story and some of the video here.

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