Jeanius Review: The Voice Live Show

So we finally got to the live shows on NBC’s “The Voice,” and I’m interested to see how this goes. We’ve got two hours tonight so I’ll let you know what I thought about the show. Check out my quick thoughts on the Battle Rounds of the show!

The show starts out with a performance by the judges which I thought was kind of lame, Adam and Christina sounded pretty good, but overall it wasn’t that good. I guess I didn’t get my wish of the advisers getting a bigger role on the show as they just disappeared from the show without explanation. I do like that the fans will only save one person, but two things that I don’t like, first so many people are eliminated everytime there is an elimination. During the battle rounds four people were eliminated per show, and the same will happen on the live shows. I also wish they would have given all of the rules instead of giving them as we get to each round, I assume they are trying to get people to keep watching to figure it out, but I would prefer to know ahead of time.

Check out the judges performance

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I also don’t get the purpose of having teams when they are pretty much competing against each other the whole time. Anyway on to the performances, I thought Raquel did a good job considering how much she had going on during her performance, I’m sure she’ll get a fan vote, but I’ll get to that later. Adam said after Jared’s performance that he picked the perfect song, while I enjoyed the performance I didn’t think he sounded great singing the song.

Beverly has a very unique and powerful voice and she’s so different that I think she will definitely get some votes, but will they be enough? Different is in right now so she just might have a shot, she will go far! Uh oh, Dia is performing Yeezy, what other rapper could have his song performed on a singing competition (I’ll wait) there isn’t one, that’s why Kanye West is in a class of his own! I think her having the piano during her performance helped her out as she seemed pretty nervous during the rehearsals, good performance though as she also has a unique voice.The coaches ate it up, and that should translate into votes, or at least a coaches save for her.

Holy implants Christina, wowzers.. Her team performance blew Blake’s team out of the water, awesome performance, even though it seemed like Christina, Frenchie, and the back up singers lol, check it out.

Team Christina – “Lady Marmalade”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Xenia was super nervous as always and she needs to work on that if she’s going to make it. She will be eliminated next week. Lily had a pretty good performance,  but nothing stood out about it, I think she also will be eliminated next week. Patrick has an really good voice, I don’t see him winning this competition, but he’ll probably make it past the this round but not much further than that. I liked Frenchie’s version of “When Love Takes Over,” she didn’t try to perform it like Kelly Rowland did, she made it her own good stuff!

Overall there were some pretty good performances on the show and some that were forgettable here are my predictions:

Team Christina:

Fan Vote: Beverly

Christina Saves: Frenchie

Team Blake:

Fan Vote: Dia

Blake Saves: Patrick

This first week’s voting will show if this is going to be based on talent or just a popularity contest.

What did you think of the show and who do you think will be saved next week?? Hit the comments and let me know!


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