BIG Announcement! It’s Official!

(Photo By: Chase Greene)

On December 31, 2010 I got this wall post on Facebook:

A little over five months later, after a very long process which included, a lot of long conversations/meetings about the direction and style of music as well as meeting both of their parents I finally have an answer to the question!

After speaking to both Chase and Ivan, playing their music to a lot of friends and co-workers, and meeting their parents. On today May 14th 2011, I am ready to officially say that I am the manager for the hottest up and coming Hip Hop duo out there! Chase and Ivan know together as C-n-I!! Now that’s it’s official #ItsGoTime fellas!!!!

Add them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter

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  1. Sandra Simon

    Yea buddy this is it! Jus wanna wish C-n-I the best of luck, with this “jeanius” man as ur manager, u guyz will grow from lil superstars to mega superstars in no time. This is a begining for new and bigger things to come. Can wait to hear the new songs!

    • Thank you so much Sandra! Me as well as Ivan couldn’t of asked for a better manager than Mr.Fremont. He is more than just a manager to us, he is a father figure. And we appreciate everything he has done for C-n-I, and also appreciate what moves he will make for us in the future. But what we appreciate the most is our fans and supporters! So keep supporting and spread the word.

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