What Is The Most Annoying Song Ever?

So for the past couple weeks I’ve been getting together a list of the most annoying songs through Facebook, Twitter, and random searches on the internet. I came up with a list of 43 songs, and sent it out to about 5 people and had them list them from most to least annoying. I took the averages and used that to create: April Fools: The Most Annoying

The overall #1 seed is Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” the other top seeds are “Who Let The Dogs Out,” “Macarena,” and “Blue.”

Download the full bracket Annoying Songs Bracket

Starting NEXT MONDAY you will be able to come to the site everyday watch the videos that are battling and vote for which song is more annoying and moves on to the next round! There will also be a bracket contest to go along with the tournament!

Click Here & register (name and email only), then you can predict the tournament, whoever has the best bracket will win a $20 Gift Card! (Sorry I’m not a baller LOL).

You have to fill out the Bracket By Midnight, Sunday Night/Monday morning to be eligible!  Did I miss any? Who’s the favorite? Any sleepers? Hit the comments and let me know!!!


About Mean Jean

I'm a very random person, and my mind is always going, so instead of being limited by Twitter and Facebook statuses. I decided to start a blog! Enjoy!

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