Grammy Running Diary

Bill Simmons does running diaries for some big sporting events, and I’ve seen other people follow his lead and do running diaries. So I’ve decided to do one of my own for the Grammys, I didn’t put times on here since I watched a lot of the show last night, then skimmed through the show today to relive thoughts that were running through my head when I watched it!

Before we get to my thoughts on the show check out this AMAZING reacp of the show LOL

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Nice little Aretha Franklin video, to start off the show, I like that the show doesn’t have an actual host, makes it seem more serious without the comedic monologue.0

What’s with LL Cool J and the Grammy’s, he host the nomination show, and opens the show. Is it because he stars on a show on CBS?

Told you Christina Aguliera would redeem herself tonight, too bad 111 million people aren’t watching the Grammy’s tonight LOL

Damn Aretha looks pretty good after her rumored gastric bypass.

“Hey, Soul Sister” J

LOL at them having Ricky Martin introduce Lady Gaga, cool performance but I’m not feeling that song. I get the egg thing, now guess she was hatched and not born. She likes blood maybe she should have came out of a uterus, blood and all. FYI Akon never has to work again

Nice performance by The Muse

Ryan Seacrest is lame, but you can’t knock his hustle

Why is B.o.B. singing? Cool performance but I’m not a fan of people switching up their song for a performance.

I wonder if Janelle Monae is going to suffer from the dreaded Bad Boy Curse?

I think every genre should have at least one award televised, I think it’s lame that most of the Urban awards are non-televised

Pretty cool seeing the video of Justin Beiber and Usher meeting for the first time.

Awkward moment there with Usher telling Beib that “If it was meant to be we’d meet again,” not sure if it was the words or the look on Beiber’s face when he said it…

I didn’t get his performance, and these Smith kids need to go sit down somewhere, cool usher performance, nowhere near his best but it was ok.

Can somebody explain to me how Lady Gaga shoulders are pointy? I hate when people know they are going to win an award and act surprised LOL, Katy Perry just got disqualified for Album of the Year BTW.

Damn, Clay Matthews has been everywhere this week. Wow, a 30 second tribute what was the purpose? Why are there guys in a band named Lady Antebellum?

American Honey, I had some of that when I was in North Carolina and was named an honorary redneck or something to that effect LOL. Whenever a country act can make #2 on the pop charts that’s big and usually leads to a lot of awards.

That’s another theory I have about award shows, whenever an artist performs and are nominated for an award right after, chances are they are going to win.


I think it’s time for Cee Lo to admit that he was ‘Born That Way,’ if you catch my drift. What a strange kat, looking like Tuscan Sam with his Scott Steiner head wrap on. I’m also gunna need him to never do that mannerism he did when he said the line about getting your boyfriend again. What was with the puppets? I wonder how long until he and Lady Gaga get together and make the weirdest song of all time?

Dougie Howser (if you didn’t get that reference google it)

Katy Perry is a boring performer.

Who brings their guitars when you’re going to present an award?

Well I got 1 of the Big 4 correct!

I wish they showed Miley Cyrus’ face when Seth Rogan made that joke about her LOL

I guess they brought Adam Levine out to cover up Rihanna’s sickness?

I wish I could see Skylar Grey’s face, she seems cute, cool performance by Eminem & Dre but there’s not much rappers can do to make a good performance. Eminem is always high energy though

I hope nobody really expected Beiber or Drake to win this award LOL, when I listened to the a song by the artists I didn’t know I almost picked Esperanza but went with Florence cause she was at the VMA’s, BTW this was the “who moment,” I talked about cause that’s what everybody said when they called her name LOL. It is cool to see genuine shock and appreciation from a winner!

Remember when I said that most urban awards are not broadcast on the show Nicki Minaj is probably one of the reasons why, what is wrong with her. Did she just tell Eminem nice to meet you?

I think the fact that they know Jay Z won’t show up makes them not give him more awards.

Drake also sucks as a performer, but at least he wasn’t running back and forth and doing that thing with his hand the whole time.  The performance got a little better when Rihanna was actually allowed to move and not just hump Drake.

Mark Anthony looks like a corpse wow, and I think they were trying to be funny but his and J Lo’s interaction was just weird.

LOL the night the Grammy nominations were put out I said that even though 4 of the 5 nominees were urban artists that Lady Antebellum would win, SMH, should’ve stuck with that haha.

Holy $#!%, that was a crazy @$$ high energy performance and there are like 10 people in this band, crazy.

Well, my theory is proved right again LOL, I said in my predictions that the group I didn’t know would probably win and they did. I don’t get it though because they didn’t win the Grammy for Best Alternative Album. So if their album was not the Best Alternative Album, how could it be Album of the Year? Wouldn’t The Black Keys Brothers album be the Album of the Year then?

Leave me some comments below and let me know what you thought of the show & my  running diary!


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